Sin City swim

If you want to see sin – whether it’s lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride – look no further than a Las Vegas pool.

Orchestrating an extravagant pool scene is crucial for any new hotel or resort on the strip. Day is the new night. While I’ve been to many of the pools in town, my recent trip found me exploring the three pools at The Cosmopolitan.

Bamboo pool


Death rays so hot they melt Marc Jacobs sunnies.

One thing made clear online – but is confusing on site – is there are three pool areas. Located in the west tower, the resort claims Bamboo Pool is the place to relax and unwind; but it was far from relaxing. Bamboo pool has the easiest access points so I think people stop there first which creates a random group of partiers who lost their way.

There was a huge shortage of chairs but my sister and I were able to find a few away from the main pool along the bar. Our spot was perfect because we were close enough to the bar where we could watch the TV but off the beaten path so people would leave us alone. It was like having our own private cabana, minus the $500 charge… or the cabana. Bonus: since the spot was so close to the bar we had a constant supply of ice-cold water just steps away.

And believe me, you needed that water. The way the building is facing and the side the pool is on, ridiculous hot sunrays beat down on you. Don’t believe me? My sister’s Marc Jacob sunglasses melted.

Boulevard pool

This place is harder to find and you actually have to be a hotel guest to enter during the daytime. My sister and I did enter the back way though, connecting through Bamboo pool instead of through the casino, and they did not ask for our room cards.

The layout is pretty unique in that there are small pockets of space so it never feels overcrowded. There is plenty of sun in the morning, but by 3 p.m. a large part of the pool is substantially shaded. The scene was livelier with louder music and a better view overlooking the strip.

Only Neopolitan's alcohol-infused concoctions can make you feel less guilty about indulging in ice cream and sherbet while wearing a teeny bikini.

Only Neopolitan’s alcohol-infused concoctions can make you feel less guilty about indulging in ice cream and sherbet while wearing a teeny bikini.

You can actually get close to the pool without paying one pretty penny. The best place is in front of the main bar on the perimeter of pool. The trick is to get there early. My sister and I got lucky because a couple left just as we got there, but if you are there on a weekend just find your most gullible friend who will wake up at 9 a.m. and reserve spots for you. Or you can just pay the $500+ cabana price to sit in the exact same spot.

What I loved about the pool was there are least 10 feet of a shallow wading area before you actually get to the pool. Perfect for not getting your hair wet – because if you want to get some killer curls later that night you can’t do it with freshly-washed hair!

Another feature is their focus on fun. They have foosball, pool tables and shuffleboard on the pool deck. 
There’s also a row of flat screens showing various sports with mega-comfy chairs.

My favorite part of Boulevard was how they served Neapolitan poolside, complete with a bikini-clad girl riding a bicycle. The self-professed adult ice cream emporium is every bit delicious as it sounds. I opted for the “Miss Mossa” – Moët Ice champagne frozen with blood orange juice – while my sister opted for “The Grass is always Greener” – Grasshopper ice cream with Van Gogh Dutch caramel, salted caramel sauce and Thin Mint cookies.

Eating ice cream in a bikini? Not my idea of fun. But eating Neopolitan in a bikini? Crazy delicious.

Marque Dayclub Pool

Red bull

Frozen vodka red bull. Yes.

In one word, the place was “fun.” For a dayclub in Vegas, that’s not too good.
Hotel guests receive complimentary admission a few days of the week and there are two different ways to get in. One is inside the hotel itself, while the other is outside in-between Bamboo and Boulevard. You know you’re in the right place if you see stairs, stairs and more stairs. Which makes a lot of sense for drunken partygoers. They don’t allow any bags, so don’t plan on bringing any unless you want to spend $20 on a locker.

The club itself features two pools, several bars and some great cabana areas featuring infinity edge glass dipping pools and flat-screen televisions. Cabanas obviously are spendy.

If you have some cash to spend, daybeds work with a line of credit i.e. you have $750 to spend on food and drinks. You’ll actually want to keep track of your tab – easier said than done after so many pitchers of frozen vodka Red Bulls – because the bottle service girl will try to convince you that you have more to spend when in fact you have already spent enough. Marquee isn’t the only place that does this. Both EBC and Tao Beach servers do this as well. Super lame.

If you don’t mind scrounging for space in the pool and want to be ultra cheap the club has blackjack tables in the pool area with comped drinks with decently strong pours.

Check back later this week for some restaurant reviews. All that swimming made for a hungry girl.


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