Not hell’s kitchen

Pan seared foie gras, strawberry jam, english muffin and bacon bits. Need I say more.

Pan seared foie gras, strawberry jam, english muffin and bacon bits. Need I say more.

I swear Young is the New Black wont only be about Vegas, I really do. But I can’t help myself. I have had the most amazing service there and one of my most recent experiences at Gordon Ramsay Steak lived up to that expectation.

A fury for flavor.

A fury for flavor.

Since I didn’t know I would be in town, I didn’t get reservations. Tsk Tsk. I knew I wanted to eat there because I am a huge fan of Ramsay and his shows and wanted to see what his food was all about. After calling many times throughout the day, I still wasn’t able to get a table. After my fourth time calling, the hostess recommended we arrive when we wanted to eat and see if there was space at the bar, where they serve the full menu.

It was Vegas so we were willing to gamble on an available seat and off we went. Just as we walked into the restaurant, a couple was signing their check. We expertly maneuvered in and voila!, a table for two with no rezzy and no wait. Lady luck was on our side.

Now, I do have to say I read reviews of Gordon Ramsay Steak before heading there, and almost every single one complained about the music. I say to all those people… you are out of your mind. The music brightens up the place. It makes the mood livelier and less dated. Adding to the fun was the drink menu, which was in the form of an iPad.

Blue cheese olive martini with epic blue cheese olive.

Blue cheese olive martini with epic blue cheese olive.

Even though we were seated at the bar, we still received exemplary service. I would say we even had better service as the servers were extremely positive; you actually got a sense they enjoyed what they were doing! By far the best bartender was Oscar. He was always a second ahead of us – whether it was water, another cocktail or an oyster fork.

Menu highlights were the foie gras – which was so crazy delicious I cant even go there and of course, the steak. An assortment of breads was also delivered pre-meal and included lemon-thyme foccacia and pancetta with truffle brioche. I hate filling up on bread before the meal, but these goodies are absolutely worth it.

Eating at the bar does have its downsides, however. You really do miss out on the gorgeous design of the restaurant. So you don’t miss out, take a long, winding walk to the bathrooms. Try to time it when they bring out the steaks – no seriously! There is a dramatic display of steaks that is a lot of fun to see in person.

The only thing that went wrong was an error on our own part… we were so excited about the sound of the filet mignon we completely forgot about Ramsay’s signature beef wellington. Guess we’ll just have to go back…


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Latte-addicted 20-something. Serious consumerist. Join me as I shop, travel & eat – hopefully getting good customer service along the way!


  1. T & ermodi,

    Thank you for asking the important questions in life. Oscar is, sadly, taken. He spoke of his wife & family fondly while he chatted with us.

  2. I ditto T. Is Oscar single?

  3. T

    foie gras? crime against geese!but i’m sure it was tasty. is Oscar single? i love a man who is perceptive…

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