Getting lippy

I am thoroughly obsessed with lip products. Gloss, lipstick, stain, balm… you name it. I think it all started when I was younger and only had .99 cents to spend at a drug store. I went with a watermelon LipSmacker, and from that moment on I was a lip junkie for life.

I used to be a gloss devotee but I have recently discovered all kinds of “favorites” in the lipstick arena. Here are two of my recent favorites…

Urban Decay Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color

I first saw Urban Decay’s Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Color on my aunt on a recent vacation. As soon as I saw the appropriately-named “punch drunk” on her lips I set out for the closest Sephora – yes while I was still on vacation.

I bought both “punch drunk” – a rich orange – and “crush” – an insanely bright pink that is perfection.

True to the product’s name the color is super saturated. The gloss, however, lasts for only about two hours or so… depending on how much talking you are doing. While the shine disappears, it does keep a nice satin finish for the next four or so hours. After that, the color does get a bit dry.

But, the best part about the product is that it wears very evenly. Instead of living a lip line, or spots throughout your lips, the Urban Decay’s lip color looks good as it wears. Because the product is in a pencil, touch ups are super easy. The product also does an amazing job about staying in place. I typically have problems with lipsticks bleeding, but this color stays within your lips and not on your teeth… ahem Condoleezza Rice.

A lot of online reviews complain about the sharpening of the lip color. Don’t let it discourage you. It’s well worth the shavings you waste as you sharpen.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

Sephora describes the lipstick as a “luxurious, multitasking lipstick” and a “makeup must-have.” I couldn’t agree more.

The lipstick itself is ridiculously soft when you put it on; almost to the point where you are a little heavy handed putting too much because it just melts. The lipstick is ultra moisturizing and hydrating which adds to its staying power.

It’s not as long lasting as a stain, but does a darn good job for a lipstick, especially because it stays moisturizing for about six hours of drinking and eating.

I love the color “blood red” and it goes great with any LBD. The one issue I did have with the product was it feathered and bled outside the lips. I fixed that easily with Makeup Forever Lip Line Protector.

What’s your favorite lippy of late?


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  1. T

    I have a hard time graduating beyond LipSmackers Watermelon types… I will have to try these out!

  2. Going to Sephora tomorrow. As a favor to your devoted readers who are willing to dip into their savings accounts in the name of lip stick, but only making $8.00/hour right now, request a beauty on a budget review soonest! xoxoxoxo

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