I don’t want biscuits!

Dorado Beach in Dorado, Puerto Rico. "Home" for a week.

Dorado Beach in Dorado, Puerto Rico. “Home” for a week.

It had been about two weeks since my impromptu Sin City weekend with my sister and I was already having withdrawals. So off we went, ready for some sun, adventure and lots of fried food. We were headed to Puerto Rico.

My sister was flying from the west coast and I was flying from the east, so I thought I had it easier, but I had to take one of those dreadful commuter flights before my flight to Puerto Rico. Of course, we ended up taking off 20 minutes late. I had to hustle to make my connecting flight with US Airways and was “that girl,” running down the airport corridor crying out “excuse me!” with equal parts anger and stress.

I made the flight and sulked into my seat when I suddenly felt a burst of coldness on my leg. I thought I was imagining it but then I felt another drop of cold water. I looked up and saw there was a condensation leak directly above me. I tried to ignore it, closing my eyes and waiting for take off, but take off never happened.

I paged the flight attendant and asked for a paper towel or another seat. They opted for the paper towel. Bored, still brooding and my right leg now thoroughly wet, I picked up my mobile and started texting my sister.

Me: Ugh. Plane delayed for mechanical issues.
Sister: Really?! Me too.

So I ring her and we start chatting about our unfortunate luck with both having our flights delayed. An announcement came on so I told me sister to hold on so I could hear the captain. As the announcement was made, I could hear the same announcement being made on her flight.

For real? A biscuit does not make two hours sitting on the tarmac more comfortable.

For real? A biscuit does not make two hours sitting on the tarmac more comfortable.

Thinking I was hearing things I asked, “Is your flight delayed another 40 minutes?” She said yes quizzically. Then I asked, “Are you on a US Airways flight leaving from Philadelphia landing at 11:33?”

We both gasped. Then I slowly stood up looking around. She was literally three rows behind me. Yes, it took us a total of 45 minutes of texting and talking on the phone to realize we were on the same flight.

We jumped up and hugged in a delightful mixture of laughter and tears. Unfortunately, after asking all the passengers around us, no one would give up their seats so we could sit together.

We told the flight attendants our story and they asked us both to sit down because we were impeding their service. Because we had been on the tarmac for well over an hour and a half at this point, they were passing out water and biscuits to keep us “comfortable.”

US Airways says, “…we are committed to making every flight count for our valued customers.” Note to US Airways: next time there is a two-hour delay on the tarmac and I realize I am on the same flight with my sister, you can make my flight count by forgoing the biscuits for some seats together.

Visit later this week and I’ll share some delicious tips on frituras in Puerto Rico.


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  4. US Air doesn’t have red tray tables. that pic must be from a virgin atlantic flight!! but then again, i don’t think virgin would serve “biscoff”… I wish i could just fly virgin forever.

  5. T


    Any opinions on the best airline, overall? I have had terrible luck with United, and I’m upset that they took over my darling Continental. Delta has always been decent, and I love their cargo services. American has been uderwhelming. Single female with means seeks loyal, hardworking airline with whom to blow all her extra cash…

    • I like Southwest for fares and service.

      Have you read “Dear American Airlines” I haven’t but this made me think of it

      • I have read that book! Some of those stories are far, far worse than the one above, but that doesn’t mean less important. I think what makes the difference between customer service – doing your job – and amazing customer service – exceeding expectations – is noticing the little things. I didn’t want a grand gesture from the flight crew, just a simple recognition that I had fortuitously booked the same flight as my sister and that sitting next to her would be a cherry on top.

    • No opinions as many of them have erred in my experiences with them. I am a terrible loyalist when it comes to airlines. I select my flights primarily off departure/arrival time.

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