Horror story

Picture this. On your car.

Picture this. In your car.

Amid travels to Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and Newport, I completely abandoned my car. It sat night after night, for weeks, lonely and sad. So one afternoon as I had a brief respite from travel, I ventured to the parking garage where I keep my car.

As I walked closer I saw something terribly wrong with my car. It was not a dead battery; it was far worse. My car had become overgrown with mold. And not a few specks here or there. The entire interior of my car looked like a moldy cheese science experiment circa fifth grade.

I’m not sure about you but whenever I find something moldy in my refrigerator, I turn my head away, touch the item with as little finger coverage as possible and hold the item at arms length until I promptly drop it into the trash can.

Unfortunately this is not possible with a vehicle. Unsure of what to do I turned to my mobile and typed “OMG freaking out panic car mold explosion cannot drive” in the search bar. This yielded nothing useful. After taking a few deep breaths, but still in a panic, I was forced to use logic with Google and put something slightly more reasonable into the search bar, “mobile car wash D.C.”

The second search result was C & C Car Wash & Detailing, Inc. The site goes on to say how they are a mobile carwash and will come to you. That’s all I needed to know and I promptly dialed. Curtis, the founder of the company and a geospatial analyst, answered the phone. Shockingly, he said he could be there first thing the next morning. I warned him multiple times this would not be a typical detail job, and he kept saying he understood.

No, this is not my car. But it's on C&C's website as an example of their work. If they can clean a helicopter, they can clean your car.

No, this is not my car. But it’s on C&C’s website as an example of their work. If they can detail a helicopter, they can clean your car.

He text me a confirmation that night and the morning of, and we met up. As we walked to my car I was nervous he would bail. I thought for sure as soon as he saw the disaster he would walk away, but thankfully he didn’t. Not only did he take the project full on, he made me feel better about it. He told me about a woman who spilled fresh seafood from a fish market into the carpet of her BMW and other car-cleaning horror stories.

After Curtis comforted me about my moldy excuse for a car, I took off for about an hour for him to get down and dirty with the clean up. He text me when he was done and I went back into the parking garage holding my breath.

I’m not sure if my expectations were low, or I forgot what my car looked like, but the interior of my car was sparkling. It literally had a glow to it! I then had an inner conflict as to whether it was unprofessional to hug a car detailer. I opted for the no hug, but I felt like the hug and that makes all the difference.

Curtis is a genius. Whether you have a seafood spill or mold mess, he’ll take care of you. He makes your car sparkle and more than that he makes you feel okay you had a moldy explosion inside your vehicle. If you live in the D.C. area, Curtis is a must. Call him. Like yesterday. And maybe he’ll tell you the story of the women with the crazy mold in her car.


About Young is the new black

Latte-addicted 20-something. Serious consumerist. Join me as I shop, travel & eat – hopefully getting good customer service along the way!


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  2. T

    I don’t think Curtis would’ve minded a hug from you too much…but positive reviews are probably slightly more helpful to him.

  3. hahahi-larious! fav line: “As we walked to my car I was nervous he would bail.”

  4. My fave. post so far! Love the “OMG freaking out panic car mold explosion cannot drive” – I probably would have immediately called my insurance company and then bought another car – kinda like how I deal with moldy sour cream in the fridge. Nice to know that Curtis will come to the rescue!

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