Make like a Gatsby

The hardest decision you'll have to make all day: mimosa, sangria or bloody?

The hardest decision you’ll have to make all day: mimosa, sangria or bloody?

With our minds still reeling from yachts and wanting to rid ourselves of every last memory from ABC, we sauntered to the Sunday brunch at Castle Hill Inn. The place is classic Newport. In fact, it was built as a summer home in 1874 for scientist and explorer Alexander Agassiz. The former residence is now an inn oozing charm and service. It was just the place to toast an engagement of two very special people.

Cloudy day on the lawn.

Overcast day on the lawn.

Castle Hill is situated on the western part of Aquidneck Island where you’ll have close-to-panoramic views of the bay, including sailboats as they glide under Pell Bridge. As you soak in the sights and sounds on the 40-acre peninsula you cant help but think Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan would quite enjoy a gentlemanly confrontation on Castle Hill’s sprawling lawn.

The space is divided into separate dining areas including an outdoor bar, patio tables covered by umbrellas, a deck and an inside dining room. There’s also Adirondack chairs peppered throughout the lawn that make for great sailboat watching. Just when you think it cannot get any better, there’s a Jazz trio that plays at Sunday brunch with an adorable double bass player. We were torn about which view was better – the bay or the bassist.

Distracted by the views, I almost missed the bevy of brunch cocktails. They have the classics but also some very delicious drinks unique to the inn. Highly recommend the Blueberry Lemonade and Cucumber Collins.

Drink to your brunchy-hearts delight.

Drink to your brunchy-hearts delight.

I ordered the lobster hash but the portions are small so if you’re in the need of a hangover helper, order extras. In addition to the lobster hash I ordered oysters, a side of crispy potatoes and dessert. The restaurant supports local sustainable farmers and fishermen, so you can’t go wrong. The oysters could have been more chilled.

The waiter picked up on our conversation as our brunch group quoted 80s movies and he added to our conversation without being too overbearing. His quote repertoire was impressive.

The only negative experience was a rude WASPY woman who flagged down our waiter as he was mid-talking with us. It was rude and inappropriate of her to interrupt so I won’t hold one annoying woman against them.

So head over to Castle Hill – clad in Lilly – and make like you’re at one of Gatsby’s legendary parties. Then drink enough brunch beverages to forget the way Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle ends. Because vulgar, outlandish parties are so much better than death.


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    Better than death, indeed!

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