Nordstrom nails it

Free Clinique products? Don't mind if I do.

Clinique freebies.

You ever have extra time in your day? If you’re like me, the moments where you say, “I have time to kill,” are few and far between. But these were the words I found myself wrestling with one weekday morning. I had about an hour and a half and had no idea what to do.

After ordering up a latte and finishing the crossword I still had more than an hour left. The crossword was the one in the Metro Express so don’t be impressed.

With so much “free” time, I decided I would do what every good consumerist would do – I drove to the mall. Thing is, it was so early in the morning, the mall hadn’t even opened yet.

Deporah Lippmann cuticle oil and Happy Birthday polish... for free!

Deporah Lippmann cuticle oil and Happy Birthday polish… for free!

Arriving at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City before the stores even open is quite eerie; almost like you can hear the shoes whispering “buy me” just that much more. After sitting on a bench and rocking out to my “hanging out in a mall that isn’t open yet” playlist, the stores opened.

I had my fair pick of stores to walk into in the vast wasteland of an empty mall but went with Nordstrom. As luck would have it, they were having a private beauty event later in the day. Fall was finally in the air and I needed to get the latest fall makeup trends – or at least that’s what the display was saying. One key problem though: the beauty event wasn’t until later that evening when I had absolutely no time to kill.

A consumerist out of luck. Until Lalita walked past the makeup counter that is! Lalita let me know she could put any samples, gift with purchases or giveaways on hold for me and I could come pick them up at my convenience any day after the beauty event.

After selecting a new Dior gloss I also picked out a Deborah LippmannGet Nailed” set. It was a great little set with polish remover, top coat, ridge filler and two nail lacquers. Best part was it came with a free cuticle oil and nail lacquer!

Love note from Nordstrom.

Love note from Nordstrom.

Lalita took my information down and promised she would save my items until I had time. Well one thing led to another and like a Benedict Arnold to the free-gift-with-purchase world, I never showed up!

I honestly believe most stores would just give my items to another shopper after so many days of neglect from the customer. The giveaways, after all, were not a guarantee. But one day I went to pick up my mail, and lo and behold, there were my GWPs from Nordstrom!

I barely get handwritten notes from my own family but there in the package was a card from Lalita along with my Deborah Lippmann items, Dior freebie and even a few extras from Clinique!

I am most certainly smitten with their service. Bravo, Nordstrom and Lalita. You nailed it.


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Latte-addicted 20-something. Serious consumerist. Join me as I shop, travel & eat – hopefully getting good customer service along the way!

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  1. Wow! That is incredible. Lalita deserves a raise or a promotion or at least a gold start for service.

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