A Westin waste

The days were getting shorter and the temperature was cooling down so I was in desperate need of sunshine. Luckily I had a trip to Los Angeles in the books and off I went to Southern California.

Dusty disaster.

Dusty disaster.

I hopped off the plane at LAX … No, I was not wearing a cardigan à la Miley; cardigans are not my thing. But I did have a dream. And that dream was for a nice stay at an airport hotel. Sadly, that dream did not come true.

I was fixed to the airport hotel district due to an event and spent hours on almost every travel site trying to find a half decent hotel. The LAX hotel district has just about every major hotel chain and then some. After going back and forth, I sealed my fate with the Westin LAX.

The hotel started off on a high note with free shuttle service to and from the airport. Although, be warned – the shuttle stops at other Starwood-owned properties so if you’re trying to schedule your day you’ll want to leave ample time for multiple hotel stops.

Check in was pleasant and the lobby had the classic Westin smell. I was able to get a room despite being there very early in the morning.

But that’s where the pleasantries ended. The room was dirty. Far too dirty for a Westin property. And it wasn’t your usual wear and tear. It was a visible layer of dust in the corners, grime in the sinks and dirt on the air vents. It was clear to me that a spotless room was not in the minds of the Westin LAX team.

The "heavenly" shower.

The “heavenly” shower.

Almost every part of the bathroom was dirty. From the corners in the ceiling that were cracking to the inner layer of the sink. To be fair, it is difficult to keep a bathroom clean. Difficult but necessary. One of the parts that was the dirtiest was behind the nightstand. I was forced to move the nightstand since there were no visible outlets anywhere else and amongst the mess of cords were piles of dust.

It was still early in the morning and after getting some work done – I had to pay for in-room Wi-Fi – I went downstairs for a latte in the lobby. The cart was closed for the day. It was 9 a.m.

I shook my head in despair. Dirty room. Paying for internet at a business hotel. No latte.

As I walked outside to get fresh air, I looked across the street. There, in front of my eyes was the Travelodge advertising free Wi-Fi. Darn, I thought. If I had to stay at a subpar hotel I could have at least gotten free Wi-Fi.

Miley’s dreadful lyrics came to mind: My tummy’s turnin’ and I’m feelin’ kinda homesick.

Update: @Starwoodbuzz reached out to me this morning for further information on my stay. While the stay wasn’t pleasant, their follow up most certainly has been!

A great place to brush your teeth...?

A great place to brush your teeth…?


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