Nail caviar

Pass the caviar!

Pass the caviar!

The LBD is currently on repeat with so many holiday parties to attend this season. But one of my favorite things about the basic black dress is accessorizing it for a night out and nails are one of my favorite accessories this year.

I recently tried out Ciaté’s nail “caviar.” The caviar name comes from little beads layered on top of wet nail polish. The overall affect is gorgeous and surprisingly easy to do.

Ciaté’s caviar set comes with nail polish, a bottle of beads and a funnel. The process only takes three steps. Step one: paint your nail. Step two: hold your finger over a tray – I actually used the lid of a shoebox – and pour the beads over the nail. Step three: lightly pat the beads down evenly over the nail.

As the instructions dictate, you’ll only want to work on one nail at a time and let it set before working on the next. When you’re done and your nails are dry, you’ll use the funnel to get the extra beads back into the bottle.

Nail caviar... do it!

Nail caviar… do it!

Overall the beads lasted far longer than I thought. Because they are dimensional I thought it would feel awkward but they stay secure enough where I had no issues at all. In fact, I wore gloves the last time I had the nail caviar on and it still looked fantastic.

Throughout the two-day period I wore my recent caviar manicure, small beads would fall to the wayside. The manicure still looked great because the caviar effect is so dimensional it gives an illusion of perfection even when there are missing beads.

That being said, don’t expect them to last a week. Ciaté is very clear the manicure is only meant to last “up to 48 hours.” Also, depending on what color beads you buy, they may be affected by warm water, so you’ll want to take a shower before doing your nails. Same goes for a top coat. If you get the rainbow beads, the colors will bleed if you use certain top coats. I had no problem with the bumble bee beads and Seche Vite.

Ciaté has rolled out many different colors so have fun getting ready for your next party and accessorize with caviar!

Ciate in bumble bee caviar beads and twilight polish.

Ciate in bumble bee caviar beads and twilight polish.


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  1. Looks awesome, was it difficult to remove?

    • Thanks so much! The nail polish comes off with normal remover. I found that using a regular cotton ball wasn’t as helpful as using a cotton pad that has some thickness to it. I also did it over my trash can because all the little beads don’t stick to the pad as well as you’d like them to.

      Hope that helps… I just got the white/pearl beads so I hope to try them soonest!

  2. T

    what was it your mother always said about a woman keeping her nails looking nice?

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