Bling Burger Monday

Fifty Two 80

Fifty Two 80

Hitting the slopes all day certainly builds your appetite. So does sitting around all day. And so, on our first night in town – despite not doing any physical activity – we were famished.

There are hundreds of options for eating out in Whistler but we opted for dinner a short walk from the mayhem of the main village at the Four Seasons. On the walk there – about 10 minutes – we accidentally overshot the Four Seasons and ended up at Fairmont Chateau Whistler. You should also overshoot the Four Seasons and check out the chateau. The striking building, nestled at the bottom of the mountain, sparkled before our eyes as snow slowly fell around us. It was majestic.

After backtracking toward the Four Seasons we entered Fifty Two 80, the sister lounge to their steakhouse, Sidecut. Fifty Two 80’s name comes from the amount of vertical height in feet for Blackcomb Mountain, which I thought was a great name for a lounge at the bottom of the mountain.

As we nestled into leather seating, dim light and dark wood surrounding us, Andrea promptly greeted us. She was friendly and warm. Wanting to order a B.C. beer, she recommended Kokanee because she had visited its namesake glacier. My girlfriend ordered an unbelievably deliciousness concoction. I cannot recall its name but two of its ingredients were egg whites and bourbon.

Mr. Medicine Man

Mr. Medicine Man

The menu offers a small selection of cuts from their steakhouse and upscale comfort food – think mac n’ cheese and truffle salad. We didn’t focus on those options, however. We were there for the burgers. Yes, the burgers! Fifty Two 80 has themed nights and Monday is Bling Burger Monday.

What’s a bling burger? Kobe beef topped with an assortment of to-die-for ingredients including truffle, heirloom tomato, red Dijon, chickpeas, oats, caramelized onions or Andouille sausage. I ordered the Medicine Man – Kobe beef, bacon, egg, onion ring, tomato, cheddar, truffle – and Andrea informed us we should probably split one burger. I was slightly affronted as I have a hearty appetite and am not ashamed to roll up my sleeves and bite into a big burger, but took her recommendation anyways.

Thankfully we listened to Andrea as the Medicine Man burger was no joke. It was about the size of my head. Digging into our burger, fries and salad we were almost silent until our Four Seasons resort ambiance was shattered by a group of five guys and their wives, or were they girlfriends? Lovers? Mistresses?

The men came in all cozy with their dates but then the women left in a pack to use the powder room. The once composed boys became rowdy and besieged Andrea with questions about lingerie. More specifically if she would perform with the Lingerie Football League. When the girls came back, the boys were all on their best behavior once again, talking about the powder that day.

Alas, my girlfriend and I had to pause from enjoying our burger to lament about men, women moving in packs to the bathroom and the Lingerie Football League.

That night as we took a taxi home, I flipped through photos from Fifty Two 80. The food was so delicious there was a photo where I am actually full on licking my lips. This proves to me Four Seasons and their Fifty Two 80 is a must if you’re visiting Whistler. My only hope is you won’t sit next to a group of boys talking about lingerie as you bite into your bling burger.

Toasting to the Canadian penny's last day.

Toasting to the Canadian penny’s last day.


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  2. That burger looks aaaamazing! Good call on the egg. Any burger with egg (or avocado) is a winner in my book. Gah, those guys… what makes them think that that sort of behavior is ok? Annoying.

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