Araxi rocks

Mary *had* a little lamb.

Mary *had* a little lamb.

Maybe it was the mountain atmosphere but when it came time for dinner in Whistler we only had one thing on our mind: game. Whether it was venison or quail we didn’t care, we just wanted meat. And so off we went to Araxi with plenty of game on their menu and then some.

I'm a sucker for drink names.

I’m a sucker for drink names.

We didn’t have reservations and the place was packed but they still were able to accommodate our party of four. I was a bit concerned as we were on the casual side of resort casual with our attire but the entire dining room was filled with flannel so my concerns of being underdressed were instantly placated.

While the diners were casual the room was elegant, warm and welcoming. We headed to the bar at first so they could clear a table for us. As we sat to the rightmost side of the bar, they placed a bowl of truffle-oil infused popcorn. It was warm and felt like it was just toasted. The drink menu was filled with irreverent titles for drinks but the pours were anything but flippant. I had a Moscow mule and it was delicious, although it was sans copper mug.

Soon we were whisked away to our table which was in a blocked off private area of the restaurant walled off by wine. There was room for three large tables and lots of wine.

We were greeted by many different servers who worked different aspects of our service. I couldn’t keep track of who was doing what. The main server was spot on as he was flirty, French and full of flattery. You can’t go wrong with that lethal combination.

We were first given warm butter and olive oil with bread as we looked over an extensive wine list. Did I say extensive? I meant expensive. My fellow diners were gracious and ordered a bottle but they were all a bit overpriced. The red was full of body and paired well with our various plates of game.

The menu was filled with ingredients locally sourced from British Columbia. Beets sound like such a silly thing to obsess over but the beet salad as a starter was memorable and I wish I had a plate of it right now.

Local beet salad.

Local beet salad.

For our mains we ordered steak, duck, lamb and rabbit. I did mention we were in the mood for game, right? I was a bit sad we didn’t get anyone around the table to order seafood as it is one of their specialties and they have a fantastic raw bar, including sushi.

Nonetheless the food was delicious. The steak was just a touch under seasoned but it came with a local potato and aged cheddar terrine which was incredible. The duck was good and surprisingly not as fatty as I would have thought.

We ended the meal with a chocolate cake paired with salted caramel ice cream and bought a box of macarons to go. They made for the perfect après ski snack the next day!

Of all of our meals in Whistler, Araxi was by far most expensive. But it was also the most delicious. Araxi definitely rocks.

Did I tell you how much I love salted caramel ice cream?Did I tell you how much I love salted caramel ice cream?

Did I tell you how much I love salted caramel ice cream?

Wine. Lots of wine.

Wine. Lots of wine.


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    wow – those photos are really nice, but who brings a camera into a nice restaurant like that?!?!? ah-NOY-inggg… hahahhaa. i think it is also worth mentioning that they made a decorative ribbon out of beet pulp, and encouraged us to eat the ribbon and guess what flavors it contained: the perfect blend of elegance and playing-with-your-food.

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