Young is the new black

YITNBI’m a latte-addicted 20-something who is a serious consumerist. I love down pillows, lip gloss, champagne and crosswords. I’ve never met a beach vacation I didn’t like.

A good night would be slipping into that tried-and-true LBD and stepping into some Jimmy Choos for an evening of martinis – blue cheese olive of course. But a perfect night would involve wearing my oversized chambray shirt with leggings and some Wellies as I shared a few pints of craft beer and truffle fries with friends.

But along the way – with all my shopping, traveling and dining – I’ve discovered customer service is a lost art form. In an age where one-sentence emails, texts and 140 characters are considered sufficient communication, I find myself stuck with automated machines that no matter how many times I say “agent” never take me to an agent. Or even worse, a retail worker sitting behind their cashier’s desk clasping on to their bedazzled Blackberry texting away with their BFFs – as if it was a surgically implanted heart defibrillator – all the while ignoring me.

Young is the New Black is a place to share everything I love about life while highlighting services that set certain brands apart. So, join me on my journey as I shop, travel and eat my way through life – hopefully getting good customer service along the way!

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